Practicing what you preach

 In Cardiology

I have been cycling for enjoyment most of my life but since my wife bought me a road bike at Christmas I have been a bit more intentional in making time to ride.

Exercise is important for your health. It is not a great way of losing weight but exercising for 30 minutes every day at a moderately strenuous intensity will make you live longer and feel better.

I am convinced that the key to exercising is to choose something you enjoy doing and to fit it into your schedule. If you do not like going to the gym do not buy a gym membership! Choose something different. I personally can‘t run; my knees start aching after about a mile and I can’t run further. Don’t buy me a pair of running shoes!

As part of my new hobby and as a way of forcing me to go out I have signed up to a 77mile bike ride between Cambridge and Norwich on the 23rd September 2015. I am using this to raise money for a Tanzanian orphanage which our church supports. If you would like to sponsor me please go to

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