Private practice

I usually see patients after receiving a referral letter from a general practitioner.  This is not essential but is often required by the various insurance companies and if not present will mean that they may not be happy to pay for the consultation and you will have to pay.

A referral letter will mean that important information can be given about your problem and what investigation may have already been performed. Important demographics such as the NHS number will also then be available.  I am very keen to communicate all information to the general practitioner and will routinely write to him/her and am very happy to send you a copy of this if desired.

Please inform your insurance company that you are planning to come and see me. They will usually give authorisation to come and see me. I am registered with all the major companies. Each have different billing structures. I am generally happy to bill the insurance companies directly for my fee although if they refuse to pay you would then be liable.

The hospital likewise would be happy to bill the insurance company for any tests that have been performed. The hospital will need to have details of your insurance and I would ask that you fill in an ‘undertaking to pay’ form with your insurers details prior to your visit.

My list of fees can be obtained from my private secretary and are usually within the majority of healthcare providers maxima.

Practice hours
Bedford Hospital NHS Trust
Monday 10am - 12.30pm
Friday 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Private Secretary
Liz Caves
Bedford Hospital NHS Trust
Department Of Cardiology
South Wing, Kempston Road, Bedford, MK42 9DJ
Tel: 01234 792119

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