The European Society of Cardiology Annual Meeting

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The European Society of Cardiology Annual Meeting took place in London this year. Over the years it has been interesting to see the change in the way the meetings are run. As usual the meeting was well attended meetings -this year over 30,000 delegates attended.

The majority of the meetings and mini meetings are recorded and the slide presentation and videos put on line for viewing later in the day on the internet. This is very helpful as there are on average something like 20 simultaneous lectures/presentation at any time. So why do we need to go at all? Undoubtedly there is time for interaction with colleagues. Discussing the new information is helpful and puts things into perspective. There is also time to see new medication and gadgets in the exhibition.

For me the highlight was a brilliant 2 hours session reviewing the reason why angina does not get better when the obstruction to a coronary artery has been either removed with a stenting procedure of bypassed with a coronary artery bypass operation. The answer put simply is that the obstruction is further down in the smaller arteries that we can’t see on a standard angiogram. Whilst there was little new about the data the Italian professor presenting the data put his case beautifully.

In terms of gadgets we now have available a leadless pacemaker which shows remarkable promise. There are already particular patients who will benefit from this technology (see news -leadless pacemaker).

In terms of medication we have seen the licensing of a highly potent cholesterol lowering antibody (see news-PCSK-9 inhibitors). This is given as 2 weekly injection and lowers the cholesterol by over 50%.

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